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Halesworth indoor market

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BlythValley Team Ministry The website includes events and services in Halesworth parish Church. [ website ] Blythburgh Village Blythburgh is on the A12 near Southwold and Walberswick, with the landmark Holy Trinity church, beautifully floodlit at night. [ website ] Round Tower Churches This area certainly has some wonderful churches. An East Anglian speciality is the Round Tower church. Of the 42 of these in Suffolk several are in this area - for example Bramfield (where the tower is uniquely detached from the church - see www.bramfield.net), at Holton, Frostenden and also at Thorington, to name but a few. [ website ] An Historical Account Of Interest This item by Veronica Baker-Smith in the Blythburgh Society History Notes concerns the building of a bridge on the Heveningham - Ubbeston Road in 1794. [ website ] Southwold Railway The Southwold railway operated between Halesworth and Southwold 1879-1929, stopping at stations at Wenhaston, Blythburgh and Walberswick. This is the website for the enthusiastic Southwold Railway Trust, full of lots of information and interest. The Trust run a great shop and office (staffed by volunteers) at 27 High Street,Southwold, where you are most welcome to call in and find out more. [ website ] Railway Connection To Southwold - The Story Pre 1879 Much has been written about the Southwold Railway, which operated 1879-1929 from Halesworth to Southwold with stations at Wenhaston, Blythburgh and Walberswick. Here, David Lee tells of pre-1879 attempts to establish a rail connection. [ website ] Road Accidents Involving Deer This area of Suffolk has its share of wild deer which can be seen on the fields or in Dunwich Forest. (Watch out for the increasingly common small Muntjac). Deer can though stray onto the roads and lanes with a resulting road traffic accident. This website link goes to an on-going research project which is collecting data nationwide on traffic accidents involving deer. Since the project began in 2003, over 30,000 incidents have been recorded. [ website ] The World Land Trust An international conservation charity based in Halesworth, saving rainforest and other threatened habitats worldwide. [ website ] Suffolk Wildlife Trust With more than 60 nature reserves throughout Suffolk the Suffolk Wildlife Trust works to protect the County's wildlife. Local branch at Southwold. [ website ] Roadside Milestones The roadways of north-east Suffolk feature many old milestones, signs that these routes have been unchanged for centuries. This is the website of The Milestone Society and features a wealth of information about milestones nationwide. [ website ] Another Historical Account Of Interest This item by Veronica Baker-Smith in the Blythburgh Society History Notes is about the old Rectory at Ubbeston (inland from Halesworth) and the people who lived there. [ website ] Queen's Oak, Huntingfield An intriguing item by Felicity Griffin in the Blythburgh Society History Notes. Huntingfield is inland from Halesworth and both its Hall and the Queen's Oak are marked on modern maps. [ website ]

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